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A Revolutionary Teaching Technique

This is a great TED talk from Sugata Mitra, an education researcher and winner of the 2013 TED Prize. In this talk he is discussing the importance of child driven education in the context of the teaching technique ‘Self Learning’.

Mitra also a major issue; how the best teachers and schools don’t exist where they’re needed most. Implementing teaching techniques to help disadvantaged areas is also a key concern.

Read our recent article “6 Teaching Techniques you Should Know!” to discover ways to transform your classroom.

Sugata Mitra TED Talk


The Genius Idea One Pizzeria Had To Help You Study!

This pizzeria has found a great to way reward students who patronise their restaurant which will motivate them to study. The Pizzeria rewards students who have excellent grades with free pizza and root beer floats. If that doesn’t keep you motivated then nothing will!

best of the web

Infographic: How 3 Different Generations use the Internet

Are you a “Kid of the Past” or part of the “Internet Generation”? The Millennial Generation seems to be the most connected and ready to share content online so it’s important to understand how they tick. This details inforgraphic explores who they are, how they use technology & much more.

best of the web




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