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 Celebrity Grammar Cops

Students at the Red Balloon school in São Paulo, Brasil, are learning English by correcting the bad grammar and typos of celebrities such as Rihanna, Charlie Sheen, Justin Bieber and even Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe on Twitter. Have a look:

The Importance of the Arts in School

If you’ve ever doubted the benefits that the Arts can have for schools, this will change your mind. A school had dismal test scores and graduation rates but turned it all around by taking money away from a vigorous security regime and investing it in numerous Arts programs instead. Inspiring stuff!



Zorro Saves the Day!

Have a gander at this Zorro prank that happened in the middle of a college lecture. Watch it to the last second where the professor, who didn’t have any kind of warning about the prank before it happened, does a great job relating it to the theory he is teaching:

Does Size Matter?

Have a read of this interesting article which explores the ever expanding size of modern Universities.

Photo Services, Kim Haskins

How Smart Are You?

This week we posted the Big Bang Theory puzzle below on our Facebook page and it exploded! We had over 500 comments and 100 likes on the post which went viral. Can you figure it out? Click here to see what others thought the answer was.

Big Bang Theory Puzzle


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