Prepare for Exams, We want your Feedback!

What we do here at Examtime is pointless unless it actually helps you, the students, learn, study and prepare for exams. So, I just wanna make sure all our users know that we greatly appreciate all the feedback we get, truly. We read everything you send in and we try and take it on board as much as we can. Obviously some things take longer than others to sort out, but rest assured we are listening. We are constantly working on improving, refining and creating the best possible online study environment for our users. So, feel free to send in any issues or ideas you have no matter how big or small to and you’ll forever be in our good books!

If you wanna be really good you can agree to be a part of our ‘Early Adopter’ group, this group of Examtime users , preferably made up of students and teachers , will be asked to give feedback, try new features and answer questionnaires etc. so we can get a greater understanding of what is working and what needs improving. How does it help you prepare for exams? If you want to be part of this heady group of early adopters then simply send us a message at and we’ll get back to you and tell you how lovely you are.


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