We’re a Go-Go!

Hello! The big day has finally arrived. For us at least, you don’t yet know who we are!

So, let us introduce ourselves. We are Examtime and we just launched today, only a beta version mind you, so don’t fret, plenty more features coming soon. Our passion here is to help you study and ace exams (ok, maybe we’ll be happy with a B). We are gonna do this by giving you your own online study space where you can create the content you need using our unique study tools. You can make mindmaps, flashcards, practice questions and quizzes to start with and in time you’ll have even more features to play around with!

We want Examtime to be your study hub, a place where you can merge everything you need to study in one place, you can invite your buddies to study with you too. You can even share with them and quiz each other and see how well you know what’s coming up in your exams. In time you will be able to get content from professionals or past students who have done the exams before you! We don’t want to tell you how to study, we want to create an environment that is open and reliable which allows you to come and go as you please ,safe in the knowledge that your curriculum material is always there, ready and waiting for you. We aim to give you as much great study tools as possible, all you need to ace that exam, whether it’s a small in-class quiz or an entire paper, we want to help you prepare.

We’re pretty much just like you, we went through all the exams, the studying too and so we know it ain’t easy and while we will give you all the tips we have and create the best study environments we can for you, we need you to tell us what you need, what you want! Times are always changing and so are students’ needs so let us know what you want and we’ll try and help you out.

Welcome to examtime, and thanks for studying with us!

-The Examtime Team


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