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Better training courses for everyone

Back in April, we announced some changes to our Course Builder tool, and over 30,000 courses have now been created on GoConqr.  We have learned from all that activity and have revised the Course Builder so it’s not just easy to create engaging training courses – we’ve also developed a smoother learning experience for the people taking a course – whether students, trainees, or employees.

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Overview – preview, track progress, see results

Before starting a course, a learner will see a detailed course overview, including a description and a list of all the modules, with an indicator of the module type. You can add all the GoConqr resources (Mind Maps, Flashcards, Notes, Slides, Quizzes, and SlideSets), create a text only module, or add media, including images, video and PDFs. The people taking the training courses can return to the course overview page to track their progress, and see what remains to be completed.
If they have finished the course, they can access their results including their score for each module, and overall course score.

Tags – Categorise, find, and share

We’ve also added tags to courses, making it easier for learners to find your training courses through the search function (and we’ll soon be adding an enhanced library feature, so be sure to add relevant tags so that your course appears in the appropriate library categories).

Try for yourself – here’s a sample course to show you how easy it is:


These improvements make it easier than ever to create  revision or training courses.

If you want to try to make a Course yourself, check out our previous blog posts on course design and supplementary material. Or just sign up or sign in and start creating!

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