Understanding English Literature

  Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys Shakespeare. For literature nerds, he may always be the gold standard but, for most people, Macbeth is much ado about a language that no-one even speaks anymore. Ah, but that’s the point. Language never stands still. It moves along with us. It is always evolving and with it […]

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What makes a good teacher?

What makes a good teacher? Why did you become a teacher? Some teachers have lost interest. There are teachers who see the classroom as a germ laboratory – an over-sized Petri-dish that mixes the scrapings of unwashed teenagers into something that might, one day, be sold to a Bond villain intent on disabling civilization. These mentors are […]

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online learning material

Find free online learning material in the new GoConqr Library

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”  ~ Albert Einstein The new GoConqr Library Since we launched GoConqr, users have been busy creating engaging online learning material – so much that we have over 8 million resources and courses in our online learning library! While you can’t […]

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Sharing learning material on your site with SmartEmbeds

GoConqr SmartEmbeds allows you to transform your website or blog into an interactive learning site. With SmartEmbeds you can publish private learning material on your site, and track user progress. You get the benefit on GoConqr’s interactive and engaging Quizzes and Courses on your site. With simple pricing plans, SmartEmbeds is a flexible solution that always […]

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Better training courses for everyone

Back in April, we announced some changes to our Course Builder tool, and over 30,000 courses have now been created on GoConqr.  We have learned from all that activity and have revised the Course Builder so it’s not just easy to create engaging training courses – we’ve also developed a smoother learning experience for the […]

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ways to improve training and development

5 Key Ways to Improve Training and Development

With the emergence of new cloud-based software platforms, training companies face the threat of being replaced by online versions, especially for knowledge based training. Large software companies like LinkedIn, with their acquisition of online learning company Lynda, are targeting the training market. As a result, traditional training companies must be frequently reinventing themselves to adapt […]

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build better customer service

How to Build Better Customer Service in Retail

When DougMcMillon became CEO of Wal-Mart in 2014, he faced a serious problem: the retail chain -which has more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries- was seeing a continual drop in sales in stores. To build better customer service, McMillon made a billion-dollar investment to make changes to the compensation and training of each store’s […]

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Please Don’t Fight – PDFs are here!

Add PDFs to GoConqr Resources and Courses Our members love creating learning material on GoConqr, and that’s no surprise with so many tools to choose from: Mind Maps for brainstorming, Slides for presentations, Notes for knowledge share, Flashcards for revision, Flowcharts for process documentation and Quizzes for testing. But people often asked us if they […]

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how to operate a franchise

Business Guide: How To Operate A Franchise Successfully

Franchising is a great approach to scaling a business; when your product or service has already found a successful niche in a market, it’s natural to look for ways to take full advantage and seek to continue your organizational growth. However, delegating your company’s brand management to remotely located franchisees may cause some concerns. Don’t […]

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online franchise training

5 Key Ways to Improve Your Online Franchise Training

One of the common fears of franchising a business is whether you will be able to convey to the different franchisees the values and characteristics that have made your brand a success. John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s believes that the key to the success of his company has been that they have tried to […]

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