Best in Education and e-Learning

Best in Education and e-Learning – don’t just take our word for it! At GoConqr, we are driven by trying to improve the learning experience for students and teachers worldwide. The ultimate reward is the number of you that use the platform and the positive stories that we hear every day. However now and then […]

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Flowcharts are Here! Find out Everything about GoConqr’s Latest Tool!

At GoConqr we strive to give you the best options for learning. Well now you have even more options as we introduce yet another great free learning tool to the platform: the Flowchart Maker! Each one of our creation tools focus on a particular aspect of learning and flowcharts isn’t any different. Our new tool […]

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Communication Culture

How to Foster a Culture of Communication with GoConqr Campus

Let’s make something clear from the get-go – any company that doesn’t put communication sky-high on it’s list of priorities cannot reasonably expect a tool like GoConqr to fix all its communication woes. That’s because communication depends, first and foremost, on people. So if employees in your company want a collaborative culture instead of a competitive […]

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employee feedback loop

How to Create a Fantastic Feedback Loop Within Your Company

In our previous post we looked at the internal communication crisis that a lot of companies are currently experiencing, along with the importance of feedback loops. If some of the stats we presented you with were a little shocking then you may have wondered about what you can do to take action to prevent your […]

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NEW: Smarter Connections and Hidden Flashcards

You ask, we listen. That simple sequence is responsible for determining a large part of what we develop. That’s why we are now releasing two highly requested features that will improve the quality of your resources and help you retain information better. #1 Interconnecting Nodes It’s rare that things are simply black or white. Sometimes […]

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communication crises

Why Employee Feedback Needs to be a Loop, Not a Line

One of the most common requirements in job postings is good communication skills. But are companies failing in their own internal communication strategies? No matter what the role, it seems good communication is sacrosanct in the workplace. Must be a strong communicator. Excellent communication skills required. Must possess superior written and verbal communication skills. The […]

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training and development

The Challenges and Choices of the Modern-Day Training Manager

The “war” for talent will remain the biggest challenge facing companies in 2020. – Talent Mobility 2020, PwC The struggle among companies to acquire the best available talent has intensified in recent years, and it’s only going to heat up further in the coming years. Businesses now work differently, which means that workers now work […]

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employee training and development

Why Understanding the Employee Lifecycle is Essential for Business Growth

Like everything else, the employee lifecycle has a beginning and an end. But it’s what you do with the in-between that counts. When a company experiences a long-lasting surge in growth or some kind of major success, the natural thing for its competitors to do is to pore over the company’s business strategy; to closely […]

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employee retention rates

It’s Not Just the Money: The True Cost of High Staff Turnover

The cost of a poor employee retention rate can be measured in hard currency, but the true cost goes far beyond that.   When it comes to staff retention, the statistics support a simple truth: the older your workforce, the longer they’re likely to remain at your company. A PayScale report on the retention rates […]

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tools for seamless employee training

Finding the Best Tool for Your Talent Development Program

If you really want to let your employees guide the growth of your company, then providing the right tools is essential. Imagine the following scenario: One of the most productive employees on your programming team finds several excellent articles on a novel Java-based technology. Your programmer then creates their own presentation highlighting the most valuable […]

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