how to improve staff screening

Business Guide: How to Improve Staff Screening

The staff screening process is fundamental for a company to function properly, since hiring the appropriate personnel for each position is crucial for a cordial and productive office environment. For this reason, it’s advisable not to rush to close an agreement and instead follow a series of guidelines to ensure that the hiring is positive […]

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supplementary material

Finding Supplementary Material for your Online Course

Creating a Course: Why use supplementary material? When it comes to the ‘Create’ part of the 7 Cs of Learning Design most course creators will create original content for the core of their course. However, it can be beneficial to incorporate ready made content from other sources rather than constantly reinventing the wheel. Provided you respect any attached […]

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5 tips for doing excellent oral presentations in class

Like many students, you might find it extremely stressful and overwhelming to make oral presentations in class to the teacher and the rest of your classmates. It is understandable that you don’t feel comfortable having to make a presentation to several people, since you feel that you don’t have enough experience and might feel a […]

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The 7Cs of Learning Design

How to design great online learning courses As more and more users are taking advantage of the improved GoConqr Course Builder tool, we thought it would be a good time to look at how to design a great online learning course. Here we present the 7Cs of learning design framework developed by Grainne Conole of […]

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Building Better Courses

Last week we told you that we created a personal Media Library for every user, now we have added an exciting new way for you to use media items, combining them with resources in our new and improved Course Builder tool. Building better courses is possible with our new update, that allows you to bring […]

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Bring learning content to life with the GoConqr Media Library

From a diagram of the circulation system to a video of scenes from a play, some of the best learning resources on GoConqr use media to bring content to life. Sign up or sign in to start using your Media Library and set your creativity to work for you. Now, creating engaging learning content with […]

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make a great quiz

How to Make a Great Quiz

Question: What makes a great online quiz? Answer: Read on to find out With hundreds of thousands of quizzes created by GoConqr users, from language teachers to corporate trainers, and professional study group participants to high school students, we’ve learned a few things about how to make a great quiz. Here are our 6 tips […]

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9 out of 10 GoConqr members prefer interactive resources

According to GoConqr’s online learning report, 90% of the resources created on the platform are interactive ones such as flashcards or mind maps, while only 10% of resources are the more traditional ones, such as slides or notes. This data demonstrates the growing popularity of active learning and educational methodologies such as flipped classroom or […]

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5 Great Tips for History Teachers

History is one of the most exciting and interesting subjects of the educational program for many students, as it allows them to know and understand the most relevant events of the past which helps them make sense of contemporary events. However, sometimes it can be a bit dense and heavy because of the amount of […]

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graduate school

Choosing a graduate school in the United States

For students who have worked hard and succeeded in school and college, the prospect of pursuing further postgraduate study is very attractive.  However just applying to graduate school in the United States can be very expensive, as each application costs money, so you need to be selective about where you apply. This guide offers some steps to […]

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